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StrengthsFinder® Coaching for Executive Teams

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  • Are you an Executive looking to incorporate a team strengths discovery event into your offsite meeting that sets the stage for a more open, creative and inspiring strategic planning session?
  • Do you have a passion for helping your leadership team capitalize on their unique strengths and gain a greater appreciation for their peers’ strengths?
  • What if you could set the stage for improved communication, the ability to engage in healthy conflict, greater trust and team commitment to goals as well as a commitment to holding each other accountable for results?
  • What would it mean for the organization if the team could put into practice new ways of partnering to achieve the strategic goals set during the executive retreat?

Transforming Strengths helps senior leadership teams kick off their executive retreat by setting the stage for maximizing the team’s strategic planning session.  By engaging in a dynamic, highly interactive team exploration of strengths the team will have more open communication, reduced personal conflict, a greater sense of team cohesiveness and commitment to goals. Discover how to put into play practical ways to partner using each team member’s unique strengths both during and following the executive retreat.

How Does the Executive Retreat Team Program Work?

Each executive team member participates in a personalized, one-on-one StrengthsFinder® coaching session following completion of a 45-minute, online assessment. The executive team then engages in an onsite team strengths coaching session to kick off the executive retreat.

  • Each participant engages in an initial team conference call to introduce the event, set expectations, and review the timeline for action
  • Each executive engages in an individual StrengthsFinder® coaching session (45 minutes to one hour) to focus on their unique “Top Five Signature Strengths” and explore what they bring to the executive team
  • The executive team then participates in an executive team strengths session to set the stage for maximizing the team’s strategic planning session.  Each retreat program would be customized to meet the goals of the executive retreat. As an example: participate in a 1/2 day morning strengths results and discovery session followed by a team lunch, a 90-minute team strengths appreciation exercise, and a final interactive team activity to tie strengths learning together.

Additional Executive Coaching (optional):

  • 1 month (2 sessions) with the Executive lead to assimilate the learning and explore how to apply strengths-based leadership
  • Executive Coaching (3 – 6 months) of coaching for continued leadership enrichment

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