Coaching for Teams

  • Are you a leader who seeks to drive a sense of strong team identity through understanding the team strengths and how to maximize partnerships to achieve goals?
  • Do you often wonder what is the best way to create a greater sense of team openness or how to empower the team to engage in healthy conflict, better decision-making, and mutual problem solving?
  • What would it mean for your “bottom line” if your team could have improved communication, reduced personal conflict, mutual accountability and a more authentic way of engaging?
  • Are you a team leader with team members scattered across the globe?   How might team dynamics change if you could actively engage the team via a proven webinar and teleconference process that would enable them to discover their strengths and find practical ways to better capitalize on them as a global team?

Transforming Strengths works with leaders and their teams to help them discover and gain an appreciation for each team members’ unique strengths.  Understanding each person’s strengths, attitudes, beliefs and values creates greater trust and communication, enables healthy conflict, and improves the ability to efficiently identify problems and generate collective solutions.

How Does the Team Coaching Work?

Each team member participates in a personalized, one-on-one StrengthsFinder® coaching session after completing a 45-minute, online assessment.  The individual coaching sessions are followed by a StrengthsFinder® Team Coaching session.

  • Each project starts with an initial team conference call to kick off the project, set expectations, and review the timeline for action
  • Each participant engages in an individual coaching session (45 minutes to one hour) to focus on their unique “Top Five Signature Strengths” and explore how to maximize using them
  • The team then engages in an onsite StrengthsFinder® team coaching session (1/2 day to 6 hours depending on team size) / or via a webinar & teleconference for global teams unable to meet in one location (2 ½ – 3 hours depending on team size).  The team session would be customized to meet your specific goals and would include several exercises around understanding each other’s strengths, extensive analytics around the team strengths, and group discussion to solidify the learning and put into practice new ways of interacting as a team.

Additional Team Leader Coaching (optional):

  • 1 month (2 sessions) with the Team Leader to assimilate the learning and explore how to apply strengths-based leadership
  • Team Leader Coaching (3 – 6 months) of executive coaching for continued leadership enhancement

Are you ready to discover your team’s potential?

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