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  • Businessman jumping for joy celebrating a successful achievement in a lush green field under a blue skyDo you find yourself asking how do I use my strengths to get to the next level in my career?
  • Are you wondering, “Does my current role tap into my strengths?  If not, what can I do about it?”
  • Do you find yourself feeling restless and saying, “I’m ready for my ‘what’s next?’  How do I get clarity on what that would look like in the near future?”

Transforming Strengths helps you discover your potential by gaining a deeper understanding of your unique strengths.  Accomplish your personal and professional aspirations by uncovering how your talents, attitudes, values and beliefs contribute to your success.  Take practical steps towards putting your strengths to work.

Working with a highly skilled strengths-based coach you will gain an in depth understanding of your unique strengths, your predominant work style and discover what it is that you actually do best.  We will help you explore the kinds of roles that will actively capitalize on your strengths and help you move forward with a strategy for getting from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

How Does the Coaching Work?

Each individual coaching project is unique to that person; however, we have used a proven method for many years that has helped our clients get the results they want to achieve.

We would begin with a 90-minute exploratory coaching session to define your professional goals and set the stage for your discovering your key strengths.  Following the first session, you will complete a 45-minute, online assessment where you will receive your “Top Five Signature Strengths” or leading talents.

The second coaching session would be approximately one hour focused on doing a deep dive into your top five strengths and exploring areas of greater opportunity for you to use your strengths in your work.  At the end of this session, you will have an in depth understanding of what it is you do best and where there might be any gaps in where you are today versus where you would like to be in the future.

The third coaching session would be another 90-minute session where we would create an action plan to help you take practical steps towards putting your strengths to work to move you forward with accomplishing your professional goals.

All coaching sessions would be followed up with a summary communication from the coach to help solidify the learning.  Additional coach support would also be available throughout the project as needed.

  • 90-minute Debrief Session to define your professional goals
  • 1 hour session upon completion of the StrengthsFinder assessment
  • 90-minute follow up – developing your action plan

Add-on Coaching (Optional)

  • Three month coaching engagement (6 sessions) with Email support & other tools as practical to support you in accomplishing your professional aspirations

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