Discover and Capitalize on your Unique Strengths

Understanding and focusing on strengths is the key to unlocking your potential and, for leaders, the potential of those around you. As a “Maximizer”, my greatest strength as a coach is to help you find the key.

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StrengthsFinder® Coaching Services

Coaching for Individuals

  • • Do you find yourself asking how do I use my strengths to get to the next level in my career?
  • • Are you wondering, “Does my current role tap into my strengths? If not, what can I do about it?”
  • • Do you find yourself feeling restless and saying, “I’m ready for my ‘what’s next?’ How do I get clarity on what that would look like in the near future?”
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Coaching for Teams

  • • Are you a leader who seeks to drive a sense of strong team identity through understanding the team strengths and how to maximize partnerships to achieve goals?
  • • Do you often wonder what is the best way to create a greater sense of team openness or how to empower the team to engage in healthy conflict, better decision-making, and mutual problem solving?
  • • What would it mean for your “bottom line” if your team could have improved communication, reduced personal conflict, mutual accountability and a more authentic way of engaging?
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Executive Retreats

  • • Are you an Executive looking to incorporate a team strengths discovery event into your offsite meeting that sets the stage for a more open, creative and inspiring strategic planning session?
  • • What if you could set the stage for improved communication, the ability to engage in healthy conflict, greater trust and team commitment to goals as well as a commitment to holding each other accountable for results?
  • • What would it mean for the organization if the team could put into practice new ways of partnering to achieve the strategic goals set during the executive retreat?
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